Our Coffee Shop Opens 7 days a week

Monday to Saturday from 8am

Limited Sunday Menu 8.30am-2pm

Whether it’s breakfast with the morning papers, lunch or coffee and cake with friends we have something for everyone in our Coffee Shop.

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Molloys French Toast

Breakfast is served until 12pm Monday-Saturday



Full of Goodness Porridge Oats     –  €3.95  Contains Allergen 7

Molloy’s Granola Served with Yoghurt – €3.95 Contains Allergen 7 &9

Molloy’s Freshly Baked Scone Served with Butter, Preserve/Cream  & Tea/

Regular Coffee –     €3.50 Contains Allergen 7

Molloy’s Freshly Baked Croissant Served Warm with Bacon & Cheese & Tea / Regular Coffee – €4.95Contains Allergen 2 & 7


Waldron’s Black Pudding Served with Apple Compote & Toasted Molloy’s  Freshly Baked Bread    – €5.95  Contains Allergen 7

2 Poached Free Range Eggs Served with a Molloy’s Freshly Baked Bread    – €6.95

Contains Allergen 2 & 7

Bacon & 3 Egg Scramble on Molloy’s Fresh Brown Soda Bread – €6.95

Contains Allergen 2 & 7

Breakfast Omelette with Tomato & Onion, Served with Molloy’s Freshly Baked Bread    – €6.95

Contains Allergen 2 & 7

Full Irish Breakfast Served with Molloy’s Freshly Baked Breads   – €8.95

Contains Allergen 2 & 7

French Toast or Pancakes Served with Crispy Bacon and Maple Syrup    – €6.95

Contains Allergen 2 & 7

Homemade Potato Cake Served with Egg and 2 Rashers and Molloy’s Freshly Baked Bread   – €7.95

(Eggs Poached or Fried) Contains Allergen 2 & 7

All the Above Breakfast Options Includes Freshly Brewed Tea or Regular Coffee.  Cappuccino’s, Latte’s & Herbal Tea’s    – 0.75c EXTRA

Molloys Black Forest Gateaux


Single Espresso.      – €2.00                                Double Espresso           –  €2.20

Black or White       –  €2.00                                Café Latte                      –  €2.55

Cappuccino             –  €2.55                                Café Mocha                   –  €3.00

Hot Chocolate       –    €2.55               Syrups: Caramel / Hazelnut – .50c per shot


Tea for One           –   €2.00                                Tea for Two                   – €3.00

Speciality Tea’s      –   €2.00


Ribenna               –     €1.20                                Cans of Minerals           –  €1.20

Bottled Water    –      €1.60                                 Bottled Minerals           –  €2.00

Glass of Milk      –      €1.20            More Options Available, See Our Display Cabinet.


Selection of Pastries from Our Confectionary Cabinet  €2.50

Homemade Apple / Rhubarb Tart / Lemon Meringue Served with Fresh Cream or Ice-cream  €3.95

Warm Chocolate Brownie Served with Fresh Cream or Ice-cream €3.95

Cheesecakes, Gateaux and Many Other Favourites to Choose From in our Cabinet  €3.95

Molloys Spelt Sandwiches

Please note we have a limited menu on Sundays.

Homemande Soup of the Day served with Molloy’s Soda Bread/ Soup Roll   € 3,95

( See Board for Today’s Selection of Soups )


Egg Stack on a Freshly Baked Bap                                                          € 4,50

Crispy green leaves, sliced tomatoes, fried eggs on a grilled bap (choose from assorted seeded baps or spelt baps)

Tuna Melt                                                                                                € 4,95

Ballymaloe Tomato Relish, Tuna&Sweetcorn, Red Onion, Grated Cheddar

Classic Double Decker Club Sandwich                                                 € 6,95

3 slices White/Brown Toast, Turkey Slices, Grilled Bacon,Mayonnaise, Tomato,Fresh Crispy Lettuce

Molloy’s Special Secret                                                                           € 6,95

Molloy’s Crusty Pan Lightly Toasted, Freshly Grilled Rasher, Turkey Slices, Apple Chutney and a Hint of Mustard Mayonnaise

Pulled Pork (Farmer’s ) Sandwich with Fried Egg                              € 7,95

Warm Sandwich with a layer of BBQ Pulled Pork, a slice of cheese, bacon and topped with a fried egg.


Pulled Pork Bread Roll                                                                           € 7,95

Warm Sandwich with a layer of  Pulled Pork with the drizzle of Homemade BBQ Sauce covered with Slaw.

Our Taste – Your Sandwich

Create your own Sandwich! Mix 4 favourite ingredients with the choice of

Molloy’s Fresh Bread € 4,95/ Wrap € 5,95/ Panini € 6,95

Add the soup to any sandwiches for only € 2,50


Roasted Salad                                                                                          € 4,95

Roasted Peppers, Sunblushed Tomatoes, Cream Cheese, Mixed Leaves and Chicken or Molloys Home Baked Ham

Goat Cheese Salad                                                                                  € 5,95

Girlled Goat Cheese, sprinkle of Pomegranate served on a bed made with Organic Leaves and Slices of Cooked Beetroot

Halloumi Cheese                                                                                      € 6,95

Warm Halloumi Cheese served with Homemade Basil Pesto and Organic Leaves

Chicken & Bacon Caesar Salad                                                 € 8,95

Chicken Breast Strips and Crispy Bacon served warm with Mixed Leaves tossed with Caesar Dressing ,topped with grated Parmezan Cheese ( also Available without Bacon)

Full of Goodness Molloy’s House Platter                                              € 8,95

Freshly Baked Bread Selection Served with a Selection of Meats, Fresh Melon, Cheeses, Roasted Peppers, Sundried Tomatoes and a  dressing of your choice.

Everyday Selection Includes Homemade Quiche & Lasagne

Local Castlemine Pies & Sausage Rolls

All Salads served with Homemade Soda Bread.

Add Tea or Coffee to your Salad for only € 2,00


Food Allergen Folder available at the counter.

Pastry Shakes

Pick Your Favourite Pastry  – €2.50

Choose from Chocolate Brownies, Caramel Slices, Mallows, Muffins and Many More.

Bar Shakes

Choose your Favourite Chocolate Bar  – €2.50

Ice-Creams:  99’s   –    €1.80

Regular Cones       – €1.50

Ice-Cream Tubs        – €2.50

Extra Toppings     – €0.50

Ice Cream Doughnuts – €2.50

Afternoon Tea is available at Molloy’s from Monday to Saturday  between 2pm and 5pm
You will be provided with your own reserved seating area in our Coffee Shop and Afternoon Tea will be presented on a tiered cake stand with vintage china (as pictured above).
Afternoon Tea will comprise of a selection of our own home baked scones, pastries and sandwiches, chocolate dipped strawberries and more.
€15 p/person
Gluten free options available (€20 p/p) Please ask at time of booking
Afternoon Tea must be pre-booked in advance

Toast or Brown Soda Bread with Jam & Butter   €1.50

Scrambled Egg & Brown Soda Bread or Toast  (1 Slice)   – €2.50

Available Monday to Saturday until 12pm

Kids Breakfast – Sausage, Rasher, Slice of Toast & Glass of Milk – €4.50

Available Monday to Saturday until 12pm

White or Brown Ham Sandwich   – €2.00

Cup of Soup served with Brown Bread or Roll    – €2.00

Mash & Soup – €2.50

Salad Plate – Slice of Ham, Grated Cheese, Slice of Bread & Glass of Milk – €3.00

Mini Hot Chocolate, Marshmallow & Sprinkle of Chocolate – €2.00

Baby Chino – Hot Milk with Marshmallow & a Sprinkle of Chocolate   – €2.00

(Dear Customer, we will cut off the crust or cut sandwich or wraps into smaller portions, if required)