National Bread Week is back for another year and will take place from 9-15 October.  We are huge supporters of this event here at Molloy’s Bakery where we have been baking bread since 1922. The focus of Bread Week  is for everyone to ‘Love Your Loaf’ and celebrate all that is great about Irish bread.

Unfortunately the poor old loaf gets a lot of bad press but we are here with the help of Dr Mary McCreery  to dispel some of the myths associated with it.

Bread causes bloating – not true .  Although bread, and in particular the way some modern bread is made, is often accused of causing bloating, that’s not the case. A review of the topic by the British Nutrition Foundation concluded that there is no scientific evidence that regular consumption of bread causes bloating or digestive problems.  Furthermore, whether the bread is produced by traditional methods or by modern bread making processes makes no difference. There was still no bloating unless there was a sudden increase in fibre intake. Source: British Nutrition Foundation, Weichselbaum 2012

Bread does not contain any nutrients – not true.  Contrary to popular belief, bread is good for us providing protein, folic acid and many nutrients such as dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals

Bread is Brain Food.  The brain’s preferred fuel is glucose which comes from the metabolism of carbohydrates in the diet. Bread is a brain food as not only does it provide carbohydrate but also a range of B Vitamins which are believed to play a crucial role in a healthy functioning brain.


There are so many ways to buy and enjoy bread as part of a healthy balanced diet – top it, toast it, wrap it, butter it…the choice is yours, but with bread you need never be bored.  We will be offering a variety of tastings during Bread Week in conjunction with our “Find the Golden Ticket” competition.  We have created two golden tickets which will be put in two loaves of bread between 9th adn 15th October.  The loaves could be in our own shop or any of our local suppliers.  So if you see a Molloy’s loaf of bread in your local store it could be you!!  You could win a year’s supply of bread (that’s one loaf of bread every Saturday for a whole year)  6 tea/coffee and scone vouchers and a 15% discount of any cake you order within the year .  Once you find the ticket give us a call and we will arrange your prize.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Good luck!

Love the Molloy’s Team!